How we can help

We recognise the challenges you may face as an innovator in navigating financial services regulations. Further, depending on the nature of your innovation, it may be subject to oversight from a number of different regulators.

If you have an innovative FinTech idea, product or service and require information or guidance on any regulatory matters, we can help. We recommend you reach out to us as early as possible to avoid the potential for future delays in your innovation journey.

We are not here to provide direct support or work in partnership with individual innovators, but we want to make sure that you understand the requirements you may need to comply with as you develop your idea, product or service.

To keep the ‘Request for Guidance’ application process efficient, and to help us to help you, we ask you to share with us some brief details about your initiative.

What happens next

We will aim to come back to you within 7 business days of receiving your request. Where appropriate you will be invited to a virtual / in-person meeting with the relevant member agencies.

This meeting provides you an opportunity to share more details of your innovation and ask for information in relation to specific regulatory areas. It also provides our member agencies the opportunity to ask for clarifications, if any, and provide informal guidance that will help steer your innovation journey.

After the meeting you may reach out to us again or seek support from any of our member agencies, where appropriate.

We will always recommend that you seek formal legal advice prior to launching your innovation, to ensure that you have met your regulatory obligations. CoFR is not able to provide legal advice, and the assistance each regulator can provide will depend on both the nature of each request and the role and responsibilities of the individual regulator.

Please see our FAQ section if you have further questions.


If you have any questions about the request for guidance application process please email us at

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